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Mechanical Technology


Design & Manufacture of Molds with the Most Modern and High Precision Machinery.


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For the manufacture of any new product or process, either on behalf of ALPHA bros or upon customer's request, the reacerching department manned by expertised mechanical engineers with great expirience on the field of mold manufacturing, studies the requirements of each product or process and suggests the most appropriate solutions on  the final product form and the design processes.

In collaboration with the quality certification department, it creates the quality certification plan on all the  phases of the production process.

The designing department manned by mechanical designers, equipped with the most up-to-date designing programs, designs molds and processes, which, through the computer network, sends them to the mold manufacturing machinery.

The mold manufacturing department, with manpower consisted of mechanical appliers and other specialties related to metalworking, equipped with high-tech machinery (electrical corrosion, vertical four-axis CNC, etc.), connected to its computers design department, complete the construction of molds and mechanical processing.


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The extensive experience of human resources, combined with the up-to-date mechanical equipment of the mold department,

ensures an excellent response to high quality program requirements, such as:


1. STINGER Defense Weapon Parts, contracted by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, as a DORNIER subcontractor.

2. Engine and body parts for STEYR trucks, under contracts of the Hellenic Vehicle Industry.

3. Components of the electricity distribution network, under contracts of the Public Electricity Company.

4. Defense equipment components, under contracts of the Hellenic Siliceous Fireworks (PYRKAL).

5. G3 Weapon Accessories, with contracts of the Greek Arms Industry.


A certified quality certification system ISO 9001/2017 is applied to all  the stages of mold design, production processes.


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