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Plastic Production


Up-to-date mechanical equipment:

Plastic moulding press machines by the injection-extrusion method.

The department is equipped with laser & inject printing machines, Ultrasonic machines, preheating ovens, dehydration with mould temperature regulators, plastic stirrers.


High production capability of custom-made products, further to  the company's trademarks:



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1. STINGER Defense Weapon Parts, contracted by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, as a DORNIER subcontractor.

2. Defensive armament accessories, by conventions of the Hellenic Confectionery Silos.

3. G3 Weapon Accessories, with contracts of the Greek Arms Industry.

4. Materials of the Electricity Distribution Network, under contracts of the Public Electricity Company.

5. Animal Labeling Labels, by Contracts of the Ministries of Agriculture and Commerce. 

6. Engine and body parts for STEYR trucks, under contracts of the Hellenic Vehicle Industry.

7. Accessories and assembling of mobile telephony antennas of the Hermes program of the Greek Army, under contracts of SMAG West Germany.

8. Materials of the Mail Distribution Network, under contracts of the Hellenic Post Office.

9. Elevator Components.

10. Metal Furniture Accessories.

11. Agricultural Machinery Accessories.

A quality assurance system based on ISO 9001/2008 is applied at all stages of production processes.



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